Hispana Interpolations: Once Again

This one afflicts canon 6 of the Council of Gangra, and is at the root of some textual confusion:


At issue is c. 6 of Gangra, “Non licere extra ecclesiam congregare.” First the authentic text, ed. Díez and Rodríguez, La Colección Canónica Hispana III (1982) p. 114 l. 108-10:

Si quis extra ecclesiam privatim (privatum W411 after correction) populos congregans contemnat ecclesiasticas (ecclesiasticis W411) sanctiones ipsamque ecclesiam, apud se autem sine consilio episcopi cum presbytero agat, anathema sit.

The interpolated Hispana in Vat. lat. 1341 has basically the same text. Yet it also has a tie sign after sanctiones that points to a note in the lower margin. The graphical form is important and happily the manuscript is available online for all and sundry to peruse:

gangra c. 6


gangra c. 6 addition

That addition, transcribed:

Aliter: Ea quae sunt eclesiae voluerit usurpare non conveniente presbytero iuxta decretum episcopi anathema sit.

It’s from the Dionysio-Hadriana recension of this canon. Pseudo-Isidore, perhaps again confused by the rather ambiguous translation on offer in the Hispana, has consulted an alternate translation and noted it in the lower margin.

Of all the manuscripts so far collated, only Vat. lat. 630–which is quite closely related to the interpolated Hispana of Vat. lat. 1341–has related text here:

Si quis extra ecclesiam privatam populos congregans contempnat ecclesiasticas sanctiones, aliter ea quae sunt ecclesiae voluerit usurpare, non conveniente presbitero iuxta decretum episcopi, anathema sit, ipsamque ecclesiam apud se sine consilio episcopi cum presbitero agat, anathema sit.

The Dionysian alternative has been inserted, erroneously, into the text.

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