Edition: Volume I

Bolded items have been more carefully edited and supplied with an apparatus fontium. Otherwise, please regard these files as lightly revised and re-punctuated transcripts from Vat. lat. 630.

As to the sources of individual pieces:

Pseudo-Isidore’s own inventions are marked with an (F). A parenthetical (H) marks those items that come from the interpolated Hispana, Pseudo-Isidore’s most important formal source. A (D) indicates those items from the Collectio Dionysio-Hadriana.

Substantive Pseudo-Isidorian interpolations to Hispana items are underlined.

First Folios

The fly leaves of Vat. lat. 630, and the first folio recto, carry texts that are not part of the False Decretals.


The False Decretals open with a mix of forged Pseudo-Isidorian prefatory epistles and prefatory items drawn from the Collectio Hispana and the Collectio Dionysio-Hadriana. Items 5) and 6), the preface and the capitulatio from the Hispana, are unique to the A/B recension and were apparently included in error (see Hinschius, Decretales Pseudo-Isidorianae [Leipzig, 1863], lxiii). In their place the A1 recension provides a capitulatio tailored for Part 1 and Part 2 of the False Decretals.

Part I: Sixty Decretal Forgeries from Clement I through Melchiades

Part II: Conciliar Material from the Hispana Gallica Corbeiensis

  • De primitiva ecclesia et synodo Nicena (F)
  • Constitutum Constantini (?)
  • First Nicaea Preface (H)
  • Second Nicaea Preface (Q)
  • Council of Nicaea (H)
  • Council of Ancyra (H)
  • Council of Neocaesarea (H)
  • Council of Gangra (H)
  • Council of Sardica (H)
  • Council of Antioch (H)
  • Council of Laodicea (H)
  • Council of Constantinople (H)
  • Council of Ephesus (H)
  • Council of Chalcedon (H)
  • First Council of Carthage (H)
  • Second Council of Carthage (H)
  • Third Council of Carthage (H)
  • Fourth Council of Carthage (H)
  • Fifth Council of Carthage (H)
  • Sixth Council of Carthage (H)
  • Seventh Council of Carthage (H)
  • Council of Mileve (H)
  • First Council of Arles (H)
  • Second Council of Arles (H)
  • Third Council of Arles (H)
  • Council of Valence (H)
  • Council of Turin (H)
  • Council of Riez (H)
  • Council of Orange (H)
  • Council of Vaison (H)
  • Council of Agde (H)
  • Council of Orléans (H)
  • Council of Elvira (H)
  • Council of Tarragon (H)
  • Council of Girona (H)
  • Council of Zaragoza (H)
  • Council of Lérida (H)
  • Council of Valencia (H)
  • First Council of Toledo (H)
  • Second Council of Toledo (H)
  • Third Council of Toledo (H)
  • Fourth Council of Toledo (H)
  • Preface to First Council of Braga (H)
  • Fourth Council of Toledo (H)
  • Fifth Council of Toledo (H)
  • Sixth Council of Toledo (H)
  • Seventh Council of Toledo (H)
  • Eighth Council of Toledo (H)
  • Ninth Council of Toledo (H)
  • Tenth Council of Toledo (H)
  • Eleventh Council of Toledo (H)
  • Twelfth Council of Toledo (H)
  • Thirteenth Council of Toledo (H)
  • First Council of Braga (H)
  • Second Council of Braga (H)
  • Capitula of Martin of Braga (H)
  • Third Council of Braga (H)
  • First Council of Seville (H)
  • Second Council of Seville (H)