Formulae Pseudoisidorianae

Pseudo-Isidore, in the False Decretals, tends to articulate key ideas and programmatic points via verbal formulae developed in the course of earlier work, particularly in the False Capitularies of Benedictus Levita. These formulae, wherever they occur, will be marked by small capitals in the edited text and indexed in the apparatus fontium by a Latin title. Each of these Latin formulae titles ties to a document that can be found here. These provide a fuller accounting of the formula in question, its sources, and its occurrence in other forgeries.

Each of these documents provides four things:

1) At the top, the most typical incipit of the formula, as Pseudo-Isidore employs it. The Latin title I use for the formula is always derived from these incipits and is underlined here.

2) Beneath that, in the section marked “Q”, I give everything that I know about the material source of the formula.

3) I then give, in full, all the occurrences of this formula in the capitulary repositories. I italicise text that comes from material sources under Q.

4) At the bottom, under “Decretals”, I list all the occurrences of this formula in the decretals that I have so far edited.

These are working documents. Some of them are in German and others in English (the goal is to keep the edition in English, but sometimes I forget and begin a document in German, after which it stays that way). Not all of these documents are fully corrected and some contain typographical errors.

Especially the decretals loci indicated at the bottom are incomplete and account only for those decretal forgeries with complete apparatus fontium (bolded on the Edition page).

Accusationes quae
Causas ad ecclesias
Columnae ecclesiae
Contumax aut superbus
Cuius vice funguntur
Episcopi a deo
Episcopus expoliatus
Idonei et probatissimi
Incerta non debemus
Legitima synodo
Maior a minore
Majores causae
Multum derogatio
Non alii primates
Non solum qui faciunt
Peregrina iudicia
Perit iustus
Prius ad eum recurrat caritatis studio
Privilegia maneant
Qui detrahit
Quibus omnis terra caput
Quod sibi non vult
Quorum fides nescitur non possint accusare
Sine conscientia episcoporum
Ut testandi licentia denegetur
Variis detractionibus